I have always written and love to communicate in words on a page or in front of an audience. I have written professionally for most of my life, everything from papers, manuals and learning materials, to published books and pamphlets. I have also always enjoyed crafting words to be spoken or presented to an audience. I was a presenter and journalist in local radio and have been a critic, especially in dance and dance theatre.

The more I have written, the more I have come to understand how complex and subtle written communication is. There is a world of language to explore and the further we reach into it, the more surprises come our way. Like any form of art or craft there are clear rules that will take you some of the way, but in the end you simply have to write as you feel and think. If that evokes a response, that’s great, but as in all art, ultimately we do it because we must. It comes from inside us and will out.