Information Technology

I was in at the start of the IT revolution and have been involved all along. I started computing by hand-coding punch cards and posting them to a mini-computer facility in the next town, receiving a print out in the post a week or so later. I became Head of IT at the country’s largest (and most innovative) school and went on to do a Masters in Educational Computing as well as teaching IT to University level for many years.

My role opened doors to many exciting projects. I contributed to the BBC/Open University microcomputer programme in the 1980s (which some credit with launching the home computer boom in the UK), which meant that I was involved with a number of pioneering initiatives, especially in IT education. The team I led built one of the first microcomputer networks in any school, gave Apple feedback on one of the very first Macs and installed and ran one of the first DTP systems in UK education. I also worked with government, being part of Her Majesty’s Inspectors first publication on IT education and contributing to the first English National Curriculum in Technology.

I have good current skills in web development and still keep my hand in with designing, programming and setting up IT sysems.