I’m a fully qualified teacher with over 30 years’ experience. I’ve taught from primary school to post-graduate levels. My specialisms were IT and Religious Education, but I spent most of my career leading teams of teachers, including 20 years as Head Teacher (Principal) of large secondary schools. This meant that I was involved in (and taught) across the whole curriculum, developing a passion for the teaching and learning of all subjects.

I firmly believe that learning, and so growing intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, is what best defines us as human beings. Good learning, and being a good learner, is essential to a fulfilled life. Education, and determinedly working to ensure a high quality education for every citizen, should be at the very centre of our national life. The creativity which learning allows is the best hope for our species and our planet.

From personal experience over many years, I came to believe that the English school curriculum, especially since it became intensely political and falsley “accountable” under Margaret Thatcher and governments since, makes good learning, and becoming a good learner, much harder than it should be. The lack of educational imagination and ambition, coupled with the rigid control and lack of investment in it, are the root of many of our problems as a nation.