I’ve been interested in the environment, and the living things that we share it with, since I was a small child. While at University, I worked as an “ecology ranger” with Milton Keynes Development Corporation. A new city was being built on countryside, but with a commitment that the development should enahnce the natural environment. Our team surveyed and advised on what was already there. We looked after vast tracts of land that had been taken over, but was not yet ready to be built on and we looked after protected environments (such as pockets of ancient forest or wetland). We also did work to engage the public with the new city’s environment.

Unfortunately, like almost all jobs in ecology, salary levels meant it was not sustainable for very long and there was nothing like a “career structure”, plus I very much wanted to teach.

I’ve retained that interest alongside heavy commitments in education and IT. These days, I record birds, primarily in my own garden, and I am taking a strong interest in the plants and animals of my new home in the New Forest.